Healing Therapies
Have you ever.....

...watched a movie that caused you to cry or feel frightened or perhaps over-joyed?  Interestingly, you were merely having a physical reaction to the association that your mind has made with the images and sounds you identified on the screen  

...been so deep in thought while driving that you missed your exit? You were  hyper-  focused on your 
thoughts to the     
 point that you
     became un-
 aware of your

You were hypnotized!

   Within each of us lies the power to achieve incredible feats, overcome personal obstacles, and even heal our bodies!  However, the problem most of us face in attaining all this is our inability to break through the critical filter that separates our conscious mind from our subconscious mind. You see, desires can only become a way of life if they can move from merely conscious thoughts to natural, subconscious behavior.  This can be done in only three ways: 1.  through repetition (which takes much time and conscious effort)  2. by attaching the conscious thought to a very powerful physical and/ or emotional feeling (which can be dangerous and uncomfortable)  3. through hypnosis.

    Hypnotherapy is used for vocational and avocational self improvement and can be defined as:  a consensual form of hypnosis with the eyes closed as the individual being hypnotized experiences a deep state of relaxation at which point they become  more receptive to thoughts and ideas that are beneficial to their well being. It has been used for centuries to aid in pain management, help treat psychoses,  and modify unfavorable behavior patterns.   Today, hypnotherapy is quickly becoming amongst the most effective alternative therapies used by various medical professionals and holistic practitioners alike.  In addition, hypnotherapy is gaining notoriety as the most relaxing experience one can enjoy!